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Laras Kinanthi
02 December 2015 @ 10:55 am
Uwaaaahh... it's been months i've not open my livejournal.. can't update kat-tun news, and else. Really out of updates.
There always have not enough time to open my lj. It's time to comeback to Jpop and Jdrama. Enough for Kpop. Hahaha..
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Laras Kinanthi
02 December 2015 @ 10:44 am
Already tired having 7 cats at home. 3 kitten, and 4 adults.
Selling 3 kitten and 2 adult cats..
Persia Medium type.
2 white solid, 1 red tabby, and 1 black brown.
Indonesia, Surabaya only.

- 2 kitten (white solid & red tabby), betina, 2,8 bulan.
- kucing persmed jantan umur 2th, white solid (tapi beberapa tempat agak kecoklatan gegara sering main diluar). 800rb (nego)
- kucing persmed betina umur sekitar 1-2th. Proven 1x tapi kurang pintar ngurus anak. Manja dan lincah. 800rb (nego)

Surabaya only.
Yang minat dan serius, langsung pm aja.

Laras Kinanthi
02 December 2015 @ 10:33 am
It's been 7 months i broke up with him. I'm dissapointed with his reason to leave me. I thought he would be my last. I thought he is different. But i guess i'm wrong. His reason was so childish.
Why he didn't told me in the beginning if he dislike my hobbies. Huft.
I can move on from him. I can continue my life without him. I thought so. But sometimes, sometimes i still,, well, i still have some kind of imagination with him. Not like we comeback together. It's like, i want to show him that i can find someone better than him. Someone who can accept me the way i am. Someone who treasure me more than anything else.
For him,, i hope you can find someone better than me. I hope you know what broken heart is like.
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Laras Kinanthi
13 December 2014 @ 11:35 pm
Hmm... sebenarnya ini beberapa kalimat yang bisa dikembangkan jadi sebuah cerita... Yaah,, isi hati dari pengalamanku sendiri sih..
hahaha.... just corat coret.. sekedar untuk memperbarui postingan disini aja sih...  :D

"Aku bertanya mengenai kisah dibalik kronologis jadian antara dirinya dan sang mantan. Mm... Awalnya sih aku hanya penasaran saja siapa yang "nembak" duluan dan ngomongnya itu via apa (sms/bbm/ngomong face to face). Tak disangka-sangka, dia malah menceritakan secara detail kronologisnya. Dari yang awalnya sang mantan langsung bertanya "kamu suka aku atau tidak?".. sampai yang akhirnya dia sendiri yang bertanya "kamu mau nggak jadi calon istriku?". Hmm....Apa ya..
Entah kenapa, setelah mendengar cerita detailnya itu,, ada rasa berat didada. Aku sendiri juga kurang yakin, apa yang aku rasakan ini. Apakah cemburu? ataukah rasa lain yang mungkin menyerempet kearah situ. Aku pun jadi bertanya-tanya. Apakah aku mulai ada rasa untuknya? Apakah aku mulai sayang padanya? Entahlah.
Baru 2 bulan aku mengenalnya. Dari sebuah situs perjodohan yang bernama "Twoo". Yang awalnya hanya iseng liat profilnya dia. Terus dia bertanya berapa pin bbmku, sampai yang awalnya hanya ngobrol obrolan biasa sampai yang agak intim. Dan baru 7 kali bertemu dengannya. Memang, dalam 7 kali itu sering keluar berdua saja. Tapi.... itu masih termasuk sebentar. Sekejap. Kenapa sudah bisa menimbulkan rasa-rasa aneh seperti ini ya?
Bukankah 2 bulan itu masih terlalu cepat untuk mempunyai rasa setingkat rasa sayang? Bukankah masih terlalu cepat menyimpulkan? Apakah dia, pria yang selama ini aku cari-cari? Apakah dia, jawaban yang Allah berikan atas permintaanku selama ini?
Mungkin....kita lihat dulu kedepannya akan seperti apa. Akankah hubungan ini bertahan dan bisa berkembang.. ataukah semakin berkurang.. Serahkan saja pada Yang Berkuasa.
Aku sendiri pun tidak yakin dengan apa yang aku rasakan ini....
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Laras Kinanthi
Originally posted by iside89 at [Trans] Kame Camera - Vol.30 Feeling comfortable
As first thing, I've always forgotten to write it in the entries but more than 1 month ago I adjusted FtF lyrics xD You find them here if you still need them xD
RL is really exhausting recently, so this explains my present hiatus.

-His ways to relieve stress and enjoy even hard schedules.
-Talks about limits of being an idol.
-Kame wants to make... plants happy? XDD
-A talk about falling in love, relationships and hardships with a nice "rhythm" metaphor :)

Always thanks to scorch66 for the English check ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.30 居心地 Feeling comfortable

「In work, in love, in human relations: I adapt myself to the other’s rhythm so I can feel comfortable anywhere I am.」

I often say that wavelength is important in love too, but in short, that is the sense of rhythm. Even if it’s a rhythm I don’t know, the fact that I think “I want to try to adjust myself to this girl’s sound” is probably already love.Collapse )
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Laras Kinanthi
19 June 2013 @ 11:03 pm
Originally posted by iside89 at [Translation] Kame manual.77
Ex-Manual 77
Kazuya Kamenashi

Read more...Collapse )
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Laras Kinanthi
Originally posted by parkchoongjae at [news] 101208 Lee Minwoo: I won't hide it if I'm in a relationship
In an interview with Star News, ever the romantic at heart, Lee Minwoo said, "If I really have a girlfriend, I will not hide our relationship. I'd want to cook for her, hold her hand and go for a stroll, feed her ice-cream, I'd want to share this kind of simple happiness with her."

Lee Minwoo also talked about his ideal girlfriend.

His recent comment on KBS2's Sang Sang Plus that he thought Son Dambi was sexy while working out, had created quite a stir. When asked about this, Lee Minwoo said, "I think looking healthy is more important than looking sexy. Son Dambi isn't close to my idea of an ideal girlfriend."

"To me, a very feminine girl doesn't really have much charm. I'd prefer it if she looks just a little feminine. As opposed to a sexy or beautiful girl, I prefer a chubby girl with a pretty smile."

On a recent episode of MBC's Star's Friends, Lee Minwoo said that gagwoman Kim Shin Young is his idea of an ideal girlfriend.

With his bad-boy charm, Lee Minwoo is currently promoting Don't Trust Men, the title track of his 4th album M RIZING.

Source: star news
Chi trans: julias@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz
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Laras Kinanthi
07 May 2013 @ 06:29 pm
Originally posted by iside89 at [Trans] Kame Camera - Vol.27 Rules
-Kame's no-rules life xD
-Quoting kabuki's "breaking the rules just after knowing them properly" idea
-Do you think that he would confess to his girlfriend he "cheated" on her or not...?

Thank you scorch66 for the English betaread!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 27 ルール Rules

「A world without rules is boring. I want to daringly break the rules from time to time just after properly knowing them.」

I always want to be honest with my heart and I don’t want to lie neither with words nor acts. Inside of me not lying and having secrets are on two totally different dimensions. Collapse )
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Laras Kinanthi
08 April 2013 @ 03:46 pm
Originally posted by iside89 at [Translation] Kame manual.75
Ex-manual 75
Kazuya Kamenashi

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Laras Kinanthi
26 March 2013 @ 11:44 pm
Originally posted by iside89 at [Trans] Kame Camera - Vol.25 Addict
-The title ("Addict") was in English in the original interview :D
-Kame's method to get over jobs that are too difficult.
-Things he is into recently.
-A nice present he received ^^

Thanks to scorch66 for the English betaread~


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.25 Addict

「People and things I have been really addicted to become a part of me and clear a path through my life.」

Exactly because I am a person with an addiction syndrome, I also know how impossible it is to measure the power of the moment you can become completely absorbed by something.Collapse )
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